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Ojibwa Flower

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Experience the serene essence of Norval Morrisseau’s “Ojibwa Flower.” Painted in 1987 with acrylic on canvas, this commanding masterpiece measures 50×48 inches, evoking a captivating sensation.

Against a soothing light brown backdrop, a magnificent flower takes centre stage. Adorned with Thunderbirds atop the flower, the canvas embodies the connection between nature and spirituality. Three Thunderbirds emerge from the stem, harmoniously blossoming. Above this floral marvel, delicate butterflies symbolize transformative beauty.

Morrisseau’s artistic genius seamlessly blends Ojibwa symbolism and timeless Woodland Art allure. “Ojibwa Flower” invites you into a world where colours dance, spirits soar and nature reveals its profound secrets.

This piece is available for in-studio purchase only.

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Norval Morrisseau’s “Ojibwa Flower” Acrylic on canvas 1987 50″ x 48″

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Dimensions 50 × 48 in