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Experience the untamed spirit of the great plains with David Wong’s extraordinary masterpiece, “Bison #EA91.”

Sculpted with unwavering passion for wildlife and artistry, this handcrafted jade sculpture depicts a resolute bison as it gently grazes upon grassy plains, its commanding presence grabbing the attention of any viewer.

Few artists can capture the raw power and quiet elegance of this noble creature, but David Wong pulls you into a world where strength meets tranquility.

Individually signed and numbered by David Wong, this remarkable sculpture invites you to embrace the raw beauty of the natural world, while owning a truly exclusive and magnificent work of art.

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David Wong’s “Bison #EA91” is a handcrafted Jade sculpture depicting a Bison as he grazes the grassy plains. Each David Wong carving in our collection is signed with his name and serial number.

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Dimensions 4.25 × 1.5 × 2.5 in