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Beaver and Environment

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Step into the captivating realm of Woodland Art with Norval Morrisseau’s “Beaver and Environment.”

Created in 1987, this expansive acrylic painting on canvas measures an impressive 30 inches by 56 inches. At the heart of the composition, a majestic beaver commands attention, serving as the central figure around which an enchanting tapestry of life unfolds.

The creatures surrounding the beaver each symbolize the interconnectedness and harmony of the natural world.

The canvas itself becomes a visual symphony, split into two distinct colour blocks. On the left, a gentle teal imbues a sense of tranquility, while the right side reveals a vibrant light green, representing growth and vitality.

“Beaver and Environment” invites you into a world where nature’s beauty and spiritual wisdom converge, as Norval Morrisseau’s brushstrokes weave a timeless narrative of reverence and harmony.

This piece is available for in-studio purchase only.

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Norval Morrisseau’s “Beaver and Environment” Acrylic on canvas 1987 30″ x 56″

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Dimensions 30 × 56 in