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Bear Power

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Norval Morrisseau’s “Bear Power” was created in 1987, an acrylic painting on canvas measuring 30″ x 36″.

Painted against a backdrop of serene light blueish-green hues, a bear takes center stage, commanding attention with its majestic aura.

What makes this composition stand out is the dark green human face protruding from the bear’s neck, a symbol of interconnectedness and the profound unity between humans and the animal kingdom.

A thin black line encircles the bear, serving as both a boundary and a connection, visually uniting the different elements within the painting. Two colorful orbs rest upon this line, suspended above the bear, adding a touch of mystery to the composition, making you question their significance.

This piece is available for in-studio purchase only.

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Norval Morrisseau’s “Bear Power” Acrylic on canvas 1987 30″ x 36″

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Dimensions 30 × 36 in