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Baby Horned Owls

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Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring scene of “Baby Horned Owls,” where Norval Morrisseau’s artistic genius gives us a glimpse into the mystical interconnectedness of all living beings.

Created in 1987, this captivating acrylic masterpiece on canvas unveils a spellbinding scene where nature’s whimsy and the artist’s profound spirit intertwine.

Standing at 32 inches by 24 inches, the painting comes alive with three enchanting, watchful baby owls, skillfully rendered in the Woodland Art Style that Morrisseau was known for pioneering. Connected by a flowing black line, the owls radiate a gentle symphony of colours, each hue evoking a sense of harmony and natural vibrancy.

The delicate outline of the butterfly symbolizes the ephemeral beauty of transformation as the baby owls prepare to embark on their journey through life.

Breathe life into your home, office or art collection with this tranquil painting.

This piece is available for in-studio purchase only.

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Norval Morrisseau’s “Baby Horned Owls” Acrylic on canvas 1987 32″ x 24″

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Dimensions 24 × 32 in